365 Days of Journaling Prompts

Do you feel like you’re wasting time thinking about what to write in your journal? 

How about doing your morning pages

Have you tried bullet journaling

Journaling is non-restrictive and can be done in whatever style you want.

However, if you feel like guided journaling is your thing, consider going through the following list.

365 Journaling Prompts

1. Are you honest with yourself?
2. If you're not, how can you change it?
3. Describe your day in bullet points. 
4. Talk about what you will be doing this weekend. 
5. Are you happy with your current friendships and/or relationships? 
6. Do you feel happy with your life right now? 
7. What are 3 things you can do this week to help improve your life? 
8. What is the number one biggest concern for you?
9. Are you more of a positive or negative person?
10. Why do you think that is?
11. What are your best qualities?
12. What do you think are the best qualities in other people?
13. How can you be a better friend?
14. How can you be a better boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife?
15. What do you believe are some strengths of yours?  

Please find the rest of the journaling prompts in the PDF document below.

You’ll have to hover over the document and click “next page” or “previous page” to read through.

365 Journaling Prompts


Happy journaling!



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