8 Quick Tips to Manage Overwhelm

Yesterday, I mentioned about posting the last series on How to Create Your Coloring Journal. I feel stuffed right now and am taking a breather. In lieu of that, I’m writing on the topic of, yes, you guessed it – Overwhelm!

How do you manage overwhelm?

When you feel like drowning in a tsunami of various stuff – events, responsibilities, people, emotions, plans, condition, and expectations – what do you do?

How do you deal with it?

Regardless of your stature, situation or circumstance, you go through this.

How did you deal with it? Did you buckle down in the face of these challenges? Did you fight or run away?

Here are ways that you can deal with overwhelm as sanely as possibly:

First, accept it.

Life is not perfect. Overwhelm does happen to good or bad people, young and old alike, male or female… everybody. Noone escapes it so embrace it. It makes life easier. Then, take it from there.

Second, relax.

Take things in stride. This allows you to be aware of what’s going on. It buys you time to notice what’s important and essential or urgent and life-changing and puts you back in the proper mental frame to respond accordingly.

Third, figure out what’s next.

Think: What would you do next? Do you restrategize?

Here are possible steps that you may take:

  • Create a list – what needs done, what you want done, and nice if done
  • Delegate
  • Purchase advanced tools
  • Study
  • Negotiate
  • Change plans
  • Take a sabbatical leave
  • Travel.

Sometimes, the next best step is do nothing at all.

Fourth, clean your clutter.

When your world feels chaotic, create order outside. Clean up your workspace, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, car, stockroom, bookshelf.

Greatest Takeaway from UBC and Specific Next Steps

It does wonders to feel clean!

Fifth, be real.

Ground your choices on reality.  It doesn’t make sense to simply ignore a deadline or to pretend that a complex piece of work can be done in 15 minutes. Make allowances.

Sixth, revise your commitments.

Promises are not made to be broken, but some need to be revised. Act promptly to revise commitments that you cannot or will not keep.

Seventh, first things first.

Take time to exercise, pray, meditate, and “defrag” no matter how busy you are. When you do these things first thing each day, you’ll notice yourself transform into a more joyful, resourceful, and resilient person.

Eight, breathe.

First, last, and always, let a rising bubble of anxiety be your reminder to breathe.

Let’s toast to a short break and be back refreshed!

2 thoughts on “8 Quick Tips to Manage Overwhelm

  1. Good advice re overwhelm – something that everyone experiences at various points in life. Making a list works really well for me, so I’m glad you included it. And #8 is essential – breathe. In fact, take several long breaths slowly and let them out slowly. Thanks for a post that helps to make this topic do-able.

    • Yes, I agree – take several long breaths slowly and let them out slowly. We always take this for granted; in fact, we tend to hold our breaths very often when we’re tense and stressed. Thanks for your great feedback, Kate! 🙂

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