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How to Make Money from Adult Coloring: 7 Proven Ways
Jan 09, 2019

The craze over adult coloring books has subsided, but there still is a significant demand or volume of sales for it in the book market.

If you are looking at creating your own, there is plenty of room to do that. Besides, you can always create a hybrid product that incorporates coloring designs into journals, planners, calendars, cards, bags, mugs, fabric, among others.

This opportunity should be a source of inspiration and motivation to you.

Coloring Practice: Fun but Expensive

Coloring is a pleasurable activity that brings significant health benefits to your mind and body. It works on releasing happy hormones to relieve you of stress, calm you down, let you sleep well, and maintain your level of energy even in stressful situations.

Yet, maintaining a coloring habit can be strainful to the pocket. Take these instances…

  • Coloring books. You don’t only buy one coloring book to work on. You buy more. You don’t only buy once but you buy every time one catches your eye or your favorite artist releases a new one.
  • Coloring supplies. Then, you need to buy your coloring supplies; not just any kind. You don’t want used ones but new. Because you color on a regular basis, your supplies get depleted and you need to replenish them.
  • Coloring events. You decide to join a network of local colorists who meet regularly. There is a “minimal” fee to attend, excluding food that you bring to share or buy at the venue.

Yeah, it’s fun but where does that take you?

What if you create your own designs?

What if you publish and sell them online or in offline bookstores or outlets?

What if you organize your own coloring events using your own designs?

How about opening your own online store and selling unlimited digital downloads of your artwork?

What if?

Have you thought about all these possibilities?

Why not?

7 Ways to Profit from Your Coloring Designs

Let’s look into seven profit centers for your own coloring designs.

What can you do with them?

How can you maximize earnings from your own designs?

Here are seven ways:

# 1 – Self-publish a physical book

When you create your own designs, publishing a physical book under your name is always a prime objective. These days, self-publishing is easy given the existing number of print-on-demand (POD) platforms. Popular POD companies that print your book on demand and ships them to you or your customers are as follows:

You may actively promote your books to your local bookshops, stores, and library, and sell them POD copies that you order yourself.

# 2 – Sell at your own store or shop

Setting up an online shop is easier now more than ever. You can do that through the following:

  • Self-hosted website – This is through your own website where you can set up shop to sell your coloring designs including branded PLR content
  • Subscription-based e-commerce platform – An example of this is Shopify where you pay monthly to set up shop for your products.

# 3 – Sell digital downloadable ebooks at other online shops

This is closely related to #2 but you are setting up shop in a platform that other companies are running. They give you a free space in their marketplace to sell your goods.

Here are popular ones to sell your coloring designs to:

# 4 – Drip content to your membership site

Here, you set up your own coloring book membership. Then, you use your coloring designs in PDF or zipped files to drip feed to your members.

 # 5 – Manage a coloring group or club

You may have participated in activities launched by coloring groups or clubs in your locality or zone. In this case, why not organize and launch parties for coloring artists, enthusiasts, and hobbyists and use your artwork or sell them your coloring pages or books?

# 6 – Build your subscriber list

You may give away your coloring ebooks or pages for free to attract people to your site. You can then upsell or offer them your other stuff.

Two things happen here:

  • First, you build your list as you get people to sign up to your offer and be a subscriber. For marketers, entrepreneurs, authors and anyone doing business, having access to subscribers via their email is important. It’s an effective way to keep in close contact with your target audience and customers.
  • Second, you create avenues to earn income. As you earn your subscribers’ “know, like and trust” relationship with you, it would easier for them to patronize you and your products.

# 7 – Earn affiliate commissions

Sprinkle affiliate links in your coloring ebook giveaways and you just might earn a nice commission from promoted products.

It’s best to put a disclaimer saying that you promote products you think might help them and that if they decide to buy using your links, you get a share.

Creative PLR: Same Profit Opportunities?

How about PLR designs that you buy?

Can you use them to take advantage of these seven profit opportunities?

First off, you have to be clear about what rights you get with your purchase. Private label rights basically give you the rights to attach your own brand or private label to the product bought or to its parts. That’s the very least you can do.

If you buy creative PLR content from me, for sure, you can:

  • Self-publish your physical book
  • Sell at your own store or shop online and offline
  • Sell downloadable digital ebooks at other online shops
  • Drip content to your membership site
  • Manage a coloring group or club
  • Build your subscriber list
  • Earn affiliate commissions.

Here’s a caveat:

[/] You must brand it as your own using your name, label and/or logo.
[/] You can modify this product in part or whole
[X] You cannot give away this product as is
[X] You cannot sell this exact product with PLR and claim as your own.

Cheers to all the possibilities with your creative PLR – big or small!

I would love to hear what you think about how you can profit from your coloring designs.

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