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Journal: Your Personal Companion
Dec 03, 2018

This is unlike an accountant’s, academic or scholarly journal.

A journal is a written, personal account, expression, creation, illustration, log, record, monitor, chart, chronicle, doodle, presentation, documentation, organization or diary of what’s going on in you.

How Your Journal Should Look

Keeping a chic journal surely inspires and motivates to start and pursue a journaling habit.

You may use a textured leather-bound classic journal or a spiral-bound floral-inspired and colorful one. You have plenty to choose from.

I have used simple, lined notebooks over the years, back when journals were not in vogue.

I do have the fancy ones but there’s something about how they look that stops me from journaling. Weird, I find pleasure in just looking at them.

Different folks, different strokes…

Your choice of journal is preferential.

Moreover, how your journal looks is really immaterial.

What gets written on your journal

How often or regular you write

How engaged and committed you are to journaling

How you experience the process of journaling

Those are the more substantial points in relation to keeping a personal journal.

Personal Journal: A Mirror of You

With everything that gets into its pages – the beautiful and ugly, good and bad, truths and half-truths and what not, your journal really is a mirror of you. It speaks tons of you.

Your journal is yours.

You own it.

It is yours to keep today, tomorrow and for years to come.

You decide what goes in, what comes out of it, and where it takes you.

Journaling is an adventure and your journal is your personal companion in this trip.


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