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How to Make Money from Adult Coloring: 7 Proven Ways

The craze over adult coloring books has subsided, but there still is a significant demand or volume of sales for it in the book market.

If you are looking at creating your own, there is plenty of room to do that. Besides, you can always create a hybrid product that incorporates coloring designs into journals, planners, calendars, cards, bags, mugs, fabric, among others.

This opportunity should be a source of inspiration and motivation to you.

Coloring Practice: Fun but Expensive

Coloring is a pleasurable activity that brings significant health benefits to your mind and body. It works on releasing happy hormones to relieve you of stress, calm you down, let you sleep well, and maintain your level of energy even in stressful situations.

Yet, maintaining a coloring habit can be strainful to the pocket. Take these instances…

  • Coloring books. You don’t only buy one coloring book to work on. You buy more. You don’t only buy once but you buy every time one catches your eye or your favorite artist releases a new one.
  • Coloring supplies. Then, you need to buy your coloring supplies; not just any kind. You don’t want used ones but new. Because you color on a regular basis, your supplies get depleted and you need to replenish them.
  • Coloring events. You decide to join a network of local colorists who meet regularly. There is a “minimal” fee to attend, excluding food that you bring to share or buy at the venue.

Yeah, it’s fun but where does that take you?

What if you create your own designs?

What if you publish and sell them online or in offline bookstores or outlets?

What if you organize your own coloring events using your own designs?

How about opening your own online store and selling unlimited digital downloads of your artwork?

What if?

Have you thought about all these possibilities?

Why not?

7 Ways to Profit from Your Coloring Designs

Let’s look into seven profit centers for your own coloring designs.

What can you do with them?

How can you maximize earnings from your own designs?

Here are seven ways:

# 1 – Self-publish a physical book

When you create your own designs, publishing a physical book under your name is always a prime objective. These days, self-publishing is easy given the existing number of print-on-demand (POD) platforms. Popular POD companies that print your book on demand and ships them to you or your customers are as follows:

You may actively promote your books to your local bookshops, stores, and library, and sell them POD copies that you order yourself.

# 2 – Sell at your own store or shop

Setting up an online shop is easier now more than ever. You can do that through the following:

  • Self-hosted website – This is through your own website where you can set up shop to sell your coloring designs including branded PLR content
  • Subscription-based e-commerce platform – An example of this is Shopify where you pay monthly to set up shop for your products.

# 3 – Sell digital downloadable ebooks at other online shops

This is closely related to #2 but you are setting up shop in a platform that other companies are running. They give you a free space in their marketplace to sell your goods.

Here are popular ones to sell your coloring designs to:

# 4 – Drip content to your membership site

Here, you set up your own coloring book membership. Then, you use your coloring designs in PDF or zipped files to drip feed to your members.

 # 5 – Manage a coloring group or club

You may have participated in activities launched by coloring groups or clubs in your locality or zone. In this case, why not organize and launch parties for coloring artists, enthusiasts, and hobbyists and use your artwork or sell them your coloring pages or books?

# 6 – Build your subscriber list

You may give away your coloring ebooks or pages for free to attract people to your site. You can then upsell or offer them your other stuff.

Two things happen here:

  • First, you build your list as you get people to sign up to your offer and be a subscriber. For marketers, entrepreneurs, authors and anyone doing business, having access to subscribers via their email is important. It’s an effective way to keep in close contact with your target audience and customers.
  • Second, you create avenues to earn income. As you earn your subscribers’ “know, like and trust” relationship with you, it would easier for them to patronize you and your products.

# 7 – Earn affiliate commissions

Sprinkle affiliate links in your coloring ebook giveaways and you just might earn a nice commission from promoted products.

It’s best to put a disclaimer saying that you promote products you think might help them and that if they decide to buy using your links, you get a share.

Creative PLR: Same Profit Opportunities?

How about PLR designs that you buy?

Can you use them to take advantage of these seven profit opportunities?

First off, you have to be clear about what rights you get with your purchase. Private label rights basically give you the rights to attach your own brand or private label to the product bought or to its parts. That’s the very least you can do.

If you buy creative PLR content from me, for sure, you can:

  • Self-publish your physical book
  • Sell at your own store or shop online and offline
  • Sell downloadable digital ebooks at other online shops
  • Drip content to your membership site
  • Manage a coloring group or club
  • Build your subscriber list
  • Earn affiliate commissions.

Here’s a caveat:

[/] You must brand it as your own using your name, label and/or logo.
[/] You can modify this product in part or whole
[X] You cannot give away this product as is
[X] You cannot sell this exact product with PLR and claim as your own.

Cheers to all the possibilities with your creative PLR – big or small!

I would love to hear what you think about how you can profit from your coloring designs.

Beyond Colors and Strokes: 4 Benefits of Adult Coloring

Coloring is not a new concept and has been around to as far back as the 1880s when the McLoughlin Brothers first published The Little Folks' Painting Book, in collaboration with Kate Greenaway (Wikipedia). 

It sure was a fun activity as a child back when life was simpler. As you matured, coloring became more than just fun but also a pleasurable escape and respite to an otherwise stressful life. 

It provides various spiritual, psychological, mental, and even social benefits.

Combined with journaling, which lets you go deep into your thoughts and emotions, coloring is even more powerful. 

Consider these benefits from adult coloring:

Benefit #1: Adult Coloring Calms You

Have you heard of amygdala? It is that almond-shaped section of the nervous tissue located in the temporal (side) lobe of the brain. In simplistic terms, it is that part of your brain that has to do with your “fight or flight response.”

The amygdala gets activated when you’re overwhelmed, overworked, and anxious. It gets worked up and leaves you feeling panicked.

Coloring helps calm the amygdala, letting you get on with a more positive life experience.

Benefit #2: Adult Coloring Relieves Stress

Stress isn’t always negative. It can be positive. It can compel you to focus on the more important things, take steps to correct a problematic situation, or motivate you to work harder and more efficiently. This is positive stress at its best.

When stress is overwhelming, it becomes negative. Negative stress occurs when you focus on things you can’t change in life no matter how hard you try. It stems mostly from worry, which is a wasted emotion.

Adult coloring takes your mind off the things you fear or worry about, and it helps you focus on the here and now. It allows you to feel calmer and less stressed. You might even walk away from your coloring pages with a renewed sense of energy and a newfound sense of peace.

Benefit #3: Adult Coloring Encourages Mindfulness

Coloring a page takes a great deal of time and effort. It takes precision and careful thought. The amount of invested time you put into coloring brings about mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a process that brings your attention to what’s happening at the moment, not the past nor the future. It’s a proven subtle way to help you focus and be genuinely present in the now.

Mindfulness, when you are coloring, happens while engaged with the following activities:

  • preparing your paints, pens and other materials
  • making your brush strokes
  • pushing your coloring pens onto the designs
  • sharpening your tools
  • and more. 

Benefit #4: Adult Coloring Improves Mental Health

Coloring is an excellent way to improve mental health. Through coloring, you are able to:

  • reflect on your life, both current and future
  • gain valuable insights
  • develop clarity about past experiences, current situations, and future directions
  • achieve confidence, security, and stability through your interactions with people sharing your common interest in coloring. 

Even if you aren’t anxious or too stressed, you can benefit from adult coloring. It’s designed to remind you of the simple pleasures of life.

Now, now…

You don’t need a ton of information to convince you of the power of coloring. You only need to do a page of adult coloring to realize that it’s not only addictive. It also does what this article promises! 

Create Adult Coloring Sheets: Learn from the Masters

The adult coloring book craze may have died down a bit but, hey, adult coloring is here to stay! 

If you’re a creative or an aspiring artist and wonder how you can create line art for coloring books as well as self-publish your own coloring book, I have just what you’re looking for. 

How to Make a Coloring Book: A Great Go-to Learning University

Four years or so ago, I was in your position. I knew nothing much so I went on a quest to learn the details of how to make a coloring book. There were a number of channels I went to but one made a mark. 


Learning was so easy to learn with all these features: 

  • videos are short, quick and easy to digest
  • relevant, downloadable resources
  • practice assignment to hone your skills and get guidance
  • a project gallery to showcase your work-in-progress and completed work
  • access to an active and supportive community of like-minded people
  • professional answers to your questions, concerns, and requests.

A big initial come on for me what that it didn’t cost me an arm and leg to enroll in them.

It’s so popular among artists, crafters, art enthusiasts, hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and teachers (though not much with internet marketers).

That learning platform is Skillshare!

Skillshare is a “learning community of creators and makers. Anyone can join.” Learners may be teachers and teachers may be learners.

“Skillshare is to unlock the world’s creativity. We believe that everyone is creative, and that giving people tools to harness their creative power has the potential to change lives for the better. We’re dismantling the traditional barriers to learning so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can learn whatever they set their minds to.”

Let’s dive in onto courses to related to adult coloring books.

Learn How to Make a Coloring Book: Awesome Bite-Sized Courses

Course # 1 – Make Your Own Coloring Page

Ria Sharon teaches this bite-sized course on how to make coloring book page. She’ll show you exactly how she creates her coloring pages, including the following details:

  • what supplies to use
  • where to draw your inspiration from
  • how to come up with your sketch
  • how to ink your sketch
  • how to enhance or polish your work

It’s only 22 minutes long, and if you speed up the videos, you’ll be amazed at how much you learn in a short time. Then, you could replay them to refresh your memory or follow along.

See for yourself how learning with Ria’s course is a breeze!

Course # 2 – Easy Coloring Book Design: How to Create Your Own Hand Drawn Coloring Pages

This 36-minute premium course is from one of my favorite instructors, Shelley Hitz, artist, illustrator and author coach. 

This course has nine topics, as follows: 

  • Introduction to Easy Coloring Book Design
  • Supplies Overview
  • Brainstorming the Text and Images for Your Design
  • Start with a Pencil Sketch of Your Text
  • Creating Your Text in a Word Document
  • Add Images and Patterns
  • Time to Ink Your Design
  • Case Study
  • Your Next Steps

Shelley made this course easy with her clear, simple and short demonstrations. 

Course # 3 – Doodle Time! Make Your Own Coloring Book Page for Watercolors 

In this premium 14-minute course, Jenn Coyle teaches you how to make your coloring book page.

You learn how to do the following:

  • draw your coloring book page
  • digitize and vectorize your work
  • print it out and color with watercolor.

Check out the introduction for a free taster of the course. 

Jenn delivers it in a succinct style that makes learning fun and easy.

Check out Jenn’s course.

Course # 4 – Swear Words Coloring Book

This category on swear words was on Amazon’s best sellers in Coloring Books for Grown-ups for such a time.

Creating an adult coloring book on swear words may not appeal to you like it didn’t for me. However, your adult coloring book may be something else other than swear words. How about on gratitude, forgiveness, happiness, or anything inspirational?

The point of learning from this course is the technique of creating the coloring page. It runs for only 23 minutes with the option to speed it up by twice the normal speed. 

There are five videos in all, covering the following:

  • Introduction
  • Set Up Workspace and Artboard
  • Writing Your Swear Word
  • Creating an Amazing Background
  • Coloring Your Swear Word on Adobe

Don’t miss Aerie’s course for all it’s worth.

Course # 5 – Create a Botanical Alphabet

Peggy Dean demonstrates in 30 minutes how you can create a botanical alphabet for your coloring book, cards, planners, journals, workbooks, and other products you may wish to use them on.

The course has six videos, as follows:

  • Introduction 
  • Tools and Materials
  • The Botanical Alphabet
  • Adding Patterns
  • Adding Colors
  • Project Time

This link should take you to Peggy Dean’s course.

Course # 6 – You Can Self-Publish a Coloring Book

What do you do after you have created your adult coloring pages? You may package them as a downloadable digital book to share to friends or sell. More than that, go self-publish them.

Katie Cannon shows you the shortest path to do in this 46-minute course “You Can Self-Publish a Coloring Book”:

The course has only six videos:

  • Introduction
  • Supplies and Project Overview
  • Setting Up Your Book in Publisher
  • Setting Up Your Cover with Adobe Illustrator
  • Uploading CreateSpace.

Check out Katie’s class now.

There are actually tons more of relevant courses from over 22,000 course and growing! 

Action: The Key to Make a Coloring Book

If there are more bits of information or skills that you want to learn, you may scour them in Skillshare.

Personally, I can’t get enough of Skillshare. It’s the only learning platform that has taught me the specific skills that I wanted to learn, in a way that suits my needs and lifestyle.

Check out these courses at Skillshare. You won’t regret.

Soon, you’ll see your own adult coloring books lining the shelves of bookstores or serving you in various other ways.

What are you waiting for?

Learn the needed skills on how to make a coloring book.

Please let me know how this post is of help to you. 

Have you already created your own coloring book or just starting out and want to make one? 

Start a Coloring Practice in 3 Steps

Coloring is an inexpensive, easy, and fun way to de-stress and unwind.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or under the weather, coloring can make you feel better. It can clear your mind of clutter and make you feel calmer and more in control.

You may feel a bit silly, confused, or even a little embarrassed to begin coloring as an adult; but, hey, coloring is an “in” thing among adults and even if the adult coloring book industry has dipped in sales, it still is a major player and won’t disappear anytime soon. Perhaps, not ever.

Getting started may be the hardest part if you’re a beginner but once you realize just how peaceful and calming coloring is, it may be hard for you to stop.

3 Steps to Start Your Coloring Practice

Here are three simple steps to start coloring:

1) Get a Few Coloring Supplies

You don’t need any fancy supplies to start coloring. In fact, you don’t need much of anything to color.

To start with, get a blank sheet of paper, a pen or pencil, draw your design or image, and add colors from crayons or pens you already have.

I bought my coloring supplies from a local art store when I started coloring. They were quite expensive but since my adrenaline was high for coloring, I didn’t mind.

You don’t have to take that route. There are many inexpensive and reasonable options, as follows:

First, if you already have a personal collection, use it. Look around. You may not have realized it but what you’re looking for may just be right under your nose.

Second, if you’re a mom like me, scour your kid’s supply box or bags for crayons, markers, coloring pens, or paints. I have three kids and over the years, we have accumulated a bunch of coloring pens, markers, pencils, pastels, and paints. We have already discarded a whole lot but still have more.

Third, hunt for used coloring supplies at your local thrift shops.  They would be in used condition but not completely tattered. In one of my trips to Value Village, I found a set of Grumbacher Deluxe Opaque Watercolors at $7.99 Cdn. A brand new set sells at $49 Cdn or $35.99 US. It was a great find.

Fourth, go to your dollar store. There are lots there.

There’s no stopping you from buying fancy coloring supplies. However, if you’re just starting out or simply testing the waters, go for used, discounted or inexpensive ones. You can then go premium as you progress in your coloring practice. You save a handsome lot that way.

2) Get Yourself a Coloring Book

Finding an adult coloring book these days is easy. If leaving the house is an ordeal, shopping online is a convenient way to go. Shop around town and find one at your bookstores, shops, department stores, or grocery. You may even find one at your local thrift shop as I did. Have a look at what I found in one of my treasure hunts. 

3) Sit Down and Start

Find a comfortable spot where you can do your coloring. Sit down and color.

Keep in mind that:

  • You are alone with yourself (except when in a coloring community).
  • No one can judge you nor tell you what to do.
  • There is no rule to follow – not even rules in color combination – except yours.
  • You don’t have to be perfect in anything – strokes, colors, time, musings, emotions, outputs.
  • You are accountable to no one.
  • You need not show your artwork to anyone if you feel uncomfortable doing so.
  • Your process is your own.

Know that there is no right or wrong way with coloring. You do as you please with what goes on while coloring. What you get out of it is a personal thing.

Why don’t you try it, if you haven’t yet? See how it goes, how it feels, and how it works.

If you are already into it, please let us in on your experience:  How did you get started? What steps did you follow? How did it go?

Thanks for dropping by!