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Be Happy: Shake up 10 Happy Hormones in Your Body Through Journaling

What happens when you engage in journaling? 

You heal yourself inside and out.

How can this happen?

When you practice journaling, you bring yourself into a positive state of mind that boosts your hormones. 

Call these happy hormones, which are like pick-me-up pills that heighten happiness and alleviate depression.

There are ten of them: 

 #1 – Endorphin

This hormone is the body’s natural painkiller or morphine. It alleviates mood or euphoria and reduces pain and anxiety. The more you have of it, the happier you feel.

#2 – Serotonin

This hormone boosts your mood and makes you more sociable and likeable. It regulates a range of behaviors including appetite, sleep, arousal and aggression. It is responsible for diminishing craving, achieving restful sleep, boosting self-esteem, relieving depression, preventing agitation and aggression, and reducing anxiety.

#3 – Dopamine

This is the pleasure hormone that is responsible for your feelings of bliss, contentment, euphoria, pleasure, fulness of appetite, controlled motor movements, and sharpness of focus. It is strongly associated with reward mechanisms while striving to achieve a goal or pursuing a rewarding experience.

#4 – Oxytocin

This is your love hormone that’s stimulated by dopamine. It is secreted in response to social recognition, emotional bonding, cuddling as well as sexual stimulation, arousal, and orgasm.

#5 – Acetylcholine

This hormone makes you alert, sharpens memory, optimizes sexual performance, controls appetite and releases growth hormone.

#6 – Enkephalin

This is your hormone that restricts pain, reduces your craving, and inhibits depression.

#7 – Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA)

This hormone is found in the central nervous system. It fights stress, anxiety, panic, and pain. It promotes calm, focus, control as well as growth in muscle mass.

# 8 – Melatonin

This hormone is responsible for rest, sleep and healing or recuperation. It regulates the body clock and fights the aging process.

# 9 – Norepinephrine

This hormone is secreted in response to stress, making you feel excited, happy, alert and motivated. It fights depression, controls appetite, uplifts energy, and achieves sexual satisfaction.

#10 – Phenylethylamine (PEA)

This hormone is a powerful natural stimulant in your body that stimulates good mood, promotes bliss, stirs infatuation, diminishes anxiety, boosts energy, and sharpens focus.

Now you know how journaling can make you happy, it's time to do your part.

Get into journaling if not into it already or... 

do it as regularly as possible.