Busy Busy Busy: The Business of Busy-ness

Today, I would like to share with you what I’m busy with. There are mainly two things on my list:

First – Blogging

I blog, along with other participants to Paul Taubman’s Ultimate Blog Challenge. Today is the 22nd day and it’s amazing how much I have done on the frontend, which is what you can see in my blog, and at the backend, which is all invisible but would be soon! 

As a participant, you get daily blogging prompts using the email address you signed up with. You’ll also be part of the UBC Facebook Group that allows you to share your post, increase interaction in your blog, and have wider reach when people share your post at Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

The Challenge has a week to go and resumes in October, at the start of the next quarter. You should sign up to experience for yourself the following benefits:


On another note, I am also fixing a lot of things in my plugin in terms of look and functionality. I am using GeneratePress for my WordPress theme and Thrive Architecture along with other plugins to make my website work the way I want to. 

Integration with my autoresponder remains to be a challenge and I’m working on it seriously to give my subscribers my 31-Day Gratitude Coloring Journal.

Second – Setting Up Shop

Setting up my shop is a major project that I’m doing along with blogging. I have set up my shop at the backend using Thrive Architect with the layout and the marketing images all in place. I am writing the sales page for one product and plan to complete a cycle from copywriting, uploading to Amazon S3, writing the Thank You and download pages, autoresponder, among other stuff. 

Greatest Takeaway from UBC and Specific Next Steps

That’s a handful! 

I am in the verge of another overwhelm episode but I found an antidote. As my friend, the tortoise, said:

Slow and sure wins the race!  

Have a look at what keeps me inspired:


How about you – what keeps you busy these days?

How is it going?

What keeps you inspired in your business?

Please comment below and share with us what keeps you preoccupied these days. Let’s exchange notes, shall we?

4 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy: The Business of Busy-ness

  1. Reading that felt like a LOT of busy! Then I realized that I am working on very similar things in my own business. First time UBC member so I’m getting used to (and ultimately really enjoy it) blogging every day. I’m making some tweaks to my website and thinking about some new services (I’m an Intuitive Healer and Master Psychic).

    • Looking at what I have on my plate, I’m sure you’re THAT busy when you say so! We’re both busy and it feels great sharing that “busy-ness” with someone. It’s the first time since joining UBC that I’m almost at the finished line. The second time, I quit early on. Good luck to your business and thanks for coming! 🙂

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