Celebrate Life with this 31-Day Gratitude Coloring Journal

Life is a blessing and every moment uncelebrated is a waste.

If you think of people never getting up from bed to see the light of day, you would realize just how lucky you are. Imagine having to buy a bottle of canned oxygen for fresh air, scamper for food in a mountain of rubbish, or be subjected daily to the terrifying sound of bullets, grenades, and bombs. For most people, these realities only exist on TV. 

Life is great and there is so much to be thankful for. Expressing gratitude even for small things is a gracious way to acknowledge and accept the gifts of the universe.

People who express gratitude, whether openly or in subtle or covert ways, radiate positivity and cheerfulness. They tend to be calm, peaceful, content, and joyful, knowing that blessings abound and are there for the taking.

To acknowledge how important and essential expressing gratitude is, I wrote two blog posts about it:

I also created a 31-Day Gratitude Coloring Journal to promote the practice of daily gratitude. 

Inside, you’ll find the following:

  • Information about daily gratitude practice
  • 30 coloring pages with inspiring gratitude quotes
  • 31 pages for musings or random thoughts
  • 3 pages with journaling prompts per day (3 X 31 days)
  • 3 pages for doodles
  • 4 pages for notes. 

Check out this video for a glimpse of the coloring pages. 

There’s no better time to celebrate life and give thanks for all the blessings that come to you than with this 31-Day Gratitude Coloring Journal PDF

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