Greatest Takeaway from UBC and Specific Next Steps

In almost 31 days that I’ve been doing Paul Taubman’s Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC), I can say that I have accomplished a significant lot.

In terms of UBC’s  “What’s in It For You” section, here’s what I’ve done:

My Accomplishments

1) Write content 

I have populated my website with plenty of content that are relevant to my target audience. Many of them are worthy of self-publishing into ebooks, either for lead generation or to sell at Amazon, CreateSpace or Draft2Digital. I have also come up with a lead magnet, which is the 31-Day Gratitude Coloring Journal.

If you visit my website now, you’ll notice a significant difference. 

2) Build connections 

I have built a few connections and it’s mainly because bloggers who joined UBC come from different fields of interest and may not necessarily share what I have to offer. Otherwise, it’s because I didn’t do well in convincing them to take an interest in my topic, but that’s okay.

Everything has worked out for good!

3) Get more traffic

I have more traffic now in comparison to before when I didn’t participate in the challenge. I guess I have to work more on incorporating search engine optimization (SEO), checking my Google Analytics, and doing targeted marketing in order to get relevant traffic.

4) Brainstorm great ideas

Because of the positive habits that came with daily blogging, my mind became more focused on finding relevant posts to write on.

5) Promote website

I haven’t done much with promoting my website to my target audience. This is in my major to-do list when the July 2018 UBC is done. 

6) Free training

From reading Paul’s email, I have learned so much even if I didn’t get to go through every email. 

If I were to sum up my UBC experience, my greatest takeaway are as follow:

  • positive writing habit
  • business momentum
  • sharp focus
  • relevant and purposive content. 

That’s a whole lot for which I have Paul Taubman to thank for, for providing me with an active venue to blog and be accountable for.

There is also the UBC participants to thank for, for the traffic and interaction. 

Specific Next Steps for Fresh PLR Possibilities

Although I have done a lot, I still have a long way to go when the UBC is done by July 31, 2018. 

The priority steps that I will take from August 1 and thereafter are as follows:

1) Set up and populate my shop

I need this so I can showcase my products to prospective buyers. I have enough products all ready to sell, but another layer of challenge includes:

  • sales copywriting
  • autoresponder integration
  • marketing.  

2) Regularly launch products at Warrior+ and/or JVZoo

This is a way to sell my products to targetted buyers while building a buyer’s list. 

3) Master automation using an autoresponder

This is a major undertaking that I find critical to establishing a system for my business. Although I have done some familiarization from setting up my first lead magnet, I need to focus more on this towards mastery. 

4) Proactive product marketing

I need to reach my target markets in more effective platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Slideshare via LinkedIn. I will also be finalizing my lead generation magnets for this. I also plan on participating in two bundle giveaway events, one in August and another in September. 

5) Work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If I were to be found naturally, I think I have to work on the effective use of keywords. This is where SEO comes in for me. I may do some rework on posts I already created but newer posts would certainly incorporate SEO. 

All these priority activities lead toward the goal of building my list

It’s a long way to go, I know, but everything starts with a single step and that’s what I aim to achieve. As long as I don’t stop inching towards my goal, my future is bright. 

If you also participated in the UBC, it would be great to hear from you! 


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10 thoughts on “Greatest Takeaway from UBC and Specific Next Steps

    • Thank you, Saskia! I had visited your blog since the start of UBC and yours did as well, even much, much better.. 🙂

  1. Great goals, Maria! I got a lot of the same things out of participating in the UBC. What a great experience!!

    • You’re right 100%, Roy! Thanks also for joining and helping me take action, most especially about that Twitter handle and CommentLuv. By joining, you added a unique perspective (all your own) to the blogs that took part. All the best.

  2. I enjoyed reading about how much you benefitted from the blog challenge. There is so much to be gained by joining such a challenge. I actually wrote two books from participating in blog challenges. And I agree with Roy, accountability is a big part of success.

    • Thanks, Julia! There is so much to be had from committing to a goal, doing it by one’s volition while sharing the energy of others, learning along the way, and celebrating gains. And, yes, accountability is a big part of success. I enjoyed your presence on my blog. Till the next challenge on October? I bet we shall have come a long way by then and our blogging should be at a new level. Cross fingers.

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