How to Exclude Specific Pages, Authors, and More from WordPress Search

I nearly fell off my seat yesterday when I saw two of my download pages appearing in my searches. OMG!

I tried to protect them in Instamember, an excellent membership plugin that I have, but to no avail. I scrutinized WordPress settings, specifically its general, writing, reading, discussion, and media sections, for a feature that would protect my download pages. 


How could that be? 

My next step was to seek out Google’s help and to my relief, I found a solution. 

It’s a free WordPress plugin named Search Exclude

After installing and activating the Search Exclude plugin, all there is to do is check the “Exclude from Search Results” checkbox. You’ll find it at the right-hand side of your screen when you’re creating a post or page. 

That’s how easy it is.  

When I searched back for my keyword “creativity,” the one I used at the start, no download pages appeared. 

Especially if you’re selling a product, offering a freebie that requires a sign-up email, or have important links to share on a limited basis, you should get the Search Exclude plugin.

There’s nothing like peace of mind in this piece of a plugin, thanks to the author, Roman Pronskiy

It works and it’s free!



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