Journaling: Start Your Day Right with Morning Pages

Are you a morning person?

How familiar are you with morning pages?

If you are into journaling, have you tried it?

Morning pages is a form of journal writing that you do upon waking up in the morning. How you do it is pretty simple.

3 Basic Requirements to Do Your Morning Pages

While any form of journaling in the morning would work, the most widely known method of doing morning pages has three requirements:

Requirement #1 – Do your morning pages as soon as you wake up.

It’s best to do your morning pages right when you wake up. It is when your mind is fully rested and relaxed enough to not overthink and rationalize. It’s also when you’re able to write honestly and from the inner depths of your mind.

Requirement #2 – Write until you’ve completed three pages in your notebook.

This three-page requirement, which is roughly 750 words, is a good amount to come up with in-depth writing. If you stopped after one page, you’d only be scratching the surface with your journaling.

Write whatever comes to mind.

For the first half-page or page, you may find that you’re filling the page with blasé observations, but stick with it and you’ll likely end up with some gems in the rest of your writing. It’s all about being patient and committed.

While how long morning pages take depends on how quickly you write, people typically complete theirs within about half an hour. You’ll likely find that you get through yours a bit faster when you get used to writing them.

5 Popular Journaling Techniques for Beginners

Requirement #3 – Morning pages must be handwritten.

There is this thing with putting pen or pencil to paper that’s special.

Writing with your pen or pencil rather than using the computer creates a much stronger bond between yourself and writing.

Computers, on the other hand, can stifle that connection and creative flow.

It’s also much easier to jump into your morning pages when you wake up if you’re just grabbing a journal, not turning on your computer and loading your word processing program of choice.

Since morning pages are intended to be private, it’s best not to let anyone read yours. This makes it easier to write honestly because you don’t need to worry about being judged for what you write. In fact, you may not even want to reread yours later.

Flexibility with Morning Pages

Creating a habit with morning pages takes commitment and action. However, if these requirements constrain you, then go ahead – do journaling in the morning, your style.

If you prefer using your computer or tablet, do so. Nothing can stop you. There are even sites like 750words that are specifically designed for that purpose.

It still is morning pages after all. What’s important is that you get into the groove of journaling and experience the utmost benefits.

If you’re doing morning pages, please share with us how you do it, and what doing so has done for you.

If you’re doing it differently, we’d love to know about it and learn from you! 




7 thoughts on “Journaling: Start Your Day Right with Morning Pages

  1. My husband does morning pages in the way you recommend. He has a little sign he hangs on his office door so I know not to disturb him! I use a Morning Sidekick Journal at the very start of my day and then write on my own throughout the day. I also do a list of 10 things I’m grateful for each night before bed in a journal specifically for that purpose!

    • Cool! Indeed, each according to his own, isn’t it? Interesting how journaling is so flexible it can be anything. Thanks for coming and sharing your story, Ramona! 🙂

    • Yes, it’s cool! I tried 750words before but there’s nothing like doing it by hand. Try it. I hope you’ll love it. Thanks for coming. 🙂

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