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Accelerator Journals #1

These are  with 120 motivational quotes. 

They are unlike most PLR journals or journal templates that you see promoted every day. 

In fact, except for the one- to two-liner quotes at the bottom, they are really just plain old lined pages, which are pretty much what you see in college notebooks. 


But don't be deceived by this product's simplicity. 

Journals or notebooks with these simple pages sell like hotcakes every single day. 

Accelerator Journals #2

These are super simple journal pages containing 120 motivational quotes and prompts for each page. 

They are meant for guided journaling and take users into a journey of self-introspection using 120 prompts such as:

  • Write a letter to yourself.

  • List 5 things that you can do for yourself today.

  • Meditate for 5 minutes, then write about the experience.

  • What is 1 activity that cheers you up, no matter what?

  • Who are 5 people who make you feel loved?

Accelerator Journals #1

These journal pages take users into a meditative, insightful, and calming experience using the combined power of:

  • motivational quotes in Accelerator Journals #1
  • journal prompts in Accelerator Journals #2
  • coloring designs at the border. 

Using PowerPoint as your software application, you may expand the feature of your journals to add more coloring pages in them. 

You simply take away the overlaying elements in any or all of the pages to reveal the coloring designs underneath.