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FPP Mission

Fresh PLR Possibilities is designed:

To empower people to publish low content books using fresh, done-for-you creative private label rights (PLR) designs, relevant information and free resources

FPP has three pillars:

  • Fresh designs – This consists of unique, handcrafted and mouse-made creative designs for low content books and merchandise. This element of freshness would give you that extra shine to earn a place in the publishing industry.
  • Private label rights (PLR) –  This lets you brand done-for-your creative assets as your own, give them away, use in your professional practice, publish into physical or digital books, sell them with your name, and keep the profits.
  • Creative possibilities –  This evens out the playing field for creatives and non-creatives alike, giving them opportunities to capitalize on the possibilities of using FPP’s creative PLR products.

FPP’s mission introduces a new term – Creative PLR – for its products, to mean:

PLR products that are beyond just text, where creativity in terms of visuals has been factored in or applied.

Learn more about creative PLR here.

Who’s Behind Fresh PLR Possibilities

I am.

I’m Maria Silvo, a work-at-home creative mom who spends countless hours to bring you creative PLR content.

I create using pencil, pen and paper with my trusty scanner, computer, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator plus some other apps.

I sketch, ink, scan, clean up, layout, format, vectorize, save, package, and lots of other stuff in between.

My hubby and kids know how much I have invested in materials, books, courses, memberships, and software applications to get the results that I want.

I love Fresh PLR Possibilities and enjoy nurturing it. It’s a work in progress and certainly has a long way to go.

I hope you get the most out of what I offer.

Keep in touch with me through my email:

I’m thrilled to have you!


Maria Silvo