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5 Ways to Modify Your PLR Graphics

1) Rebrand

Rebranding is the quickest and simplest way to modify your coloring sheets. Consider the following actions to do this: 

  • put in your name or business name
  • include your company’s logo
  • color an image for your cover or to serve as finished samples  
  • use your company’s color
  • adopt a new title and/or sub-title
  • add some blurbs
  • include embellishments like frames, ribbons, or borders. 

The modifications done were as follows:

  • The art page was colored;
  • A book title was added;
  • The page was embellished with a frame;
  • A logo was added.

2) Redesign

Don't hesitate to:

  • add your own strokes by way of shading, thickening or thinning lines, starburst, doodles
  • draw around the image
  • distort the images in a photo editing software app
  • bring in other images.
Bottomline - create a new thing from something. Add your own twist. Add freshness to an otherwise common thing.

The starburst image that you see at the background of the heart doodle is from Openclipart, a public domain site that provides free clipart. 

3) Repackage

Combine a part or all of your coloring sheets with other sets that you created or bought from others. Then, present or package it as a new or different collection or product.

4) Repurpose

For instance, you can use the coloring sheets from your 30 Hand-drawn Floral Coloring Designs for members of your coloring book club or your group of gardeners coming together for a coloring activity.

You may vary your titles to appeal to a different group of people, or change product format based on the intended use.

5) Reformat

Use the art content in different formats or products. Add or use your coloring sheets for the following:

  • journals
  • calendars
  • planners
  • greeting cards
  • table mats
  • coasters
  • mouse pad
  • cell phone covers
  • stationery
  • calling cards
  • notebook covers
  • sketchbook covers
  • sudoku book covers
  • mugs
  • shirts
  • bags
  • pillowcases.

Make sure however that the size of the art designs are large enough that they may be used in other formats without pixelation or losing quality. 

There are so much that you can do to your PLR coloring sheets.

4 Tips to Customize Your Coloring Sheets

To make your customization efforts more satisfying, consider these tips:

First, explore. Stretch your imagination. Don't be scared to try things out. We've been conditioned to stay within our comfort zone where it's warm and fuzzy and no harm or shame can come upon us. Break this mindset. Be a child again and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Second, make friends with your hands, tools, and processes. Print out the coloring page that you want to modify, use your pen and eraser to draw, ink your new drawing, digitize, and upload. (If you don't know how to digitize, I am planning to come up with a tutorial on how to do that.)

Third, on a practical note - keep your original file! Make sure that you make a duplicate of the original file so that when things go wrong, there's always something to go back to. If worse comes to worst, you may always go to your account at the site or contact for help. 

Fourth, take pride in what you've accomplished. Now that you have succeeded at modifying your PLR coloring sheets, show off your work. Share them to friends. Put your new product in your shop. Sell them wherever you can.