What Is Private Label Rights?

Private label rights or PLR content is text, audio or graphics material that you have permission to use, modify, give and/or sell under your name, label or brand.

As Tony Shepherd, author of Truth About PLR, says:

“PLR or White Label (WL) content, is content created by other people that you have a license to use, in whatever way the license agreement says.”

It bestows to buyers the right to brand a creative work without threats of copyright infringement or royalty fines.  The branded work may then be shared, given, printed or sold.

It has what you need for easy, quick and successful content and product creation, sharing, list-building, publishing, and income-generation.

PLR Solves a Problem

  • blog
  • publish a book
  • speak on a topic
  • develop a course
  • write a business proposal
  • market on social media
  • create educational or promotional materials
  • brand yourself as an expert, or
  • sell your own product.

In your online or offline business, you want to do things like:

You don’t.

You won’t.

You can’t.

You simply can't.

With only 24 hours in a day, you can only do so much.

Besides, all types of obstacles are there: Mindset, knowledge, expertise, priorities, finances, physique, forces of nature, and many more.

PLR Makes Things Easy

You save precious time from having to stare at a blank wall, wondering what to do.

Also, rather than hiring or outsourcing, buying PLR content saves you cash and headache on a project that is possibly a hit or miss.

Imagine how, with a little to no effort, you can transform a dirt cheap, done-for-you, PLR content into your own ready-to-use and/or sell product.

Put in more work and you can get an entirely non-recognizable brand new product with your name on it. You do as you please with it, as this time, it’s your own product.

What you do with it, as long as it’s within the bounds of your PLR license, is up to you.

How much you earn from it – either instantly or in the medium- to long-term – depends also on you.

As a caveat, PLR content is not created equal. Quality depends on factors such as skills or expertise and experience of the PLR provider. In time, and by word of mouth, you’ll know who to trust and buy from.

PLR In a Nutshell