41 Uses of PLR Content

PLR for Content Creation

#1 – Post in your blog or website. PLR articles are simple to use. Just post them to your website, add product promotions and any modifications that you’d like.

#2 – Add content to your membership site. If you’ve got a membership site or are thinking of starting one, PLR is an easy way to fill it up with great content.

#3 – Use as content for an advertorial in a newspaper or other print production. Advertorials are ads that are written in an editorial style format. PLR gets a lot of the work done for you.

#4 – Use in your newsletter. One of the worst things for newsletter publishers is not being able to come up with topics to write about. Having PLR on hand makes it easy to create newsletters on the fly.

#5 – Break up ebooks and reports into blog posts or articles. Always make the most of your PLR purchases. Most ebooks and reports can be divided into a very informative articles series.

#6 – Create recipe books from PLR recipes. Everybody loves recipes and they produce a huge number of searches online. Not only should you publish recipes to your site, but you can put them together into a themed cookbook for more exposure.

#7 – Create small websites that feed into your main website. Small targeted websites are a viable way of driving traffic into your main site.

#8 – Use as inspiration to develop your own original content. When you aren’t sure what to write about or what facts and information to include, PLR can be a great inspiration.

#9- Create an informative press release. Informative press releases are the ones that get picked up and shared. By using content as the basis for your press release, you increase your chances of getting noticed.

#10 – Schedule PLR to publish automatically while on a break or trip. Now there’s no need to worry about what will happen with your blog when you’re gone.

#11 – Submit rewritten content to article directories and as guest blog posts. Many people prefer to simply rewrite the content, so they have original text, but base their ideas on the PLR article.

#12 – Create presentation materials with. Use the content for presentations and workshops. You can even find slide shows with PLR rights that might come in handy. This will cut your preparation time dramatically.

#13 – Use PLR snippets for FAQs or to answer questions on places like Yahoo Answers. Being helpful is a great way to build your reputation in the community.

#14 – Create an info product. Gather up some of the best PLR articles, reports and other content to create a valuable information product that you can sell.

#15 – Use the content for a webinar or teleseminar. You can make it a free event and build your list with it or charge for entry.

#16 – Break up tips articles into individual tips and post them to Twitter. You can even use a tool like Hootsuite.com to schedule the tweets automatically.

#17 – Create reports or ebooks to give to customers as gift. Long after your customers have made the purchase, surprise them with a handy extra. They’ll love it!

#18 – Make printed booklets for distribution to local stores and offices. Choose businesses that target a similar customer base to yours. Many will gladly display your free content and give it away on your behalf.

#19 – Create a community review site by publishing PLR product profiles and then allowing your visitors to add their own reviews.

#20 – Bulk up an existing info product with PLR materials. Go through your information products and see where you can add more information, tools and helpful guidance.

#21 – Make memes or graphics from quotes. Use these for various purposes such as drive traffic to blog posts,  direct clicks to products, promote interaction in social media account, among others.

#22 – Create a compilation of quotations or ideas based on specific themes.

PLR for Product Creation

#23 – Create an e-course.  This is a great way to attract new subscribers to your list. Take a series of related articles and make an email course with 5-7 emails. 

#24 – Create an audio recording or podcast. Not sure what to talk about in your next podcast? Grab some PLR and a lot of the work is done for you.

#25 – Create videos. Whether it’s a talking head video or a demonstration of a how-to article, PLR offers a lot of inspiration for video creation.

#26 – Create CDs or DVDs to sell. People still like to get stuff in the mail and the great news is, CDs and DVDs are cheap to mail.

#27 – Build a website and flip it. You may need to purchase resell rights PLR for this purpose, but it’s a snap to fill up a site with ready-made content and then sell it.

#28 – Create print books using a print-on-demand service like Café Press or Lulu. Sure ebooks are very popular these days, but many people still prefer to get their hands on a real live book.

PLR for Marketing

#29 – Create downloadable bonus offer for your info product. Adding value to your info products can increase your sales, allow you to command a higher price and improve customer satisfaction.

#30 – Print out some PLR and include a booklet with your orders that you send through the mail.If your customers buy a dog collar, for example, wouldn’t they be delighted to get a booklet about dog training at no extra charge?

#31 – Promote products by adding a link to a relevant offer. If you want to promote specific products, find PLR that complements those products and use the content to warm up your prospects into buying.

#32 – Create ads with. If you are an Adsense Publisher, PLR is like a dream. It’s ready-made content that allows you to display more ads through Google Adsense or sell ads on your site.

#33 – Translate into other languages to reach new audiences. It’s a big wide web out there and you can tap into other markets by offering content in different languages.

#34 – Share content on social media. Post particularly interesting articles on Facebook, Google+ and more. These networks allow you to post longer bits of content.

#35 – Make landing pages for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Pay per click providers like Adwords like to see useful content on landing pages. PLR makes it easy for you to create an informative landing page.

#36 – Create a mobile information or app. Create software applications that your target market can access by mobile devices. 

PLR for List-building and Email Marketing

#37 – Set it up as a lead magnet or an opt-in gift to build your mailing list. You can use PLR reports or bundle up articles to create something valuable that your target market is interested in.

#38 – Load up your autoresponder. You can choose a more automated method of email marketing by adding a bunch of PLR content as prescheduled messages in your autoresponder.

PLR for Affiliate Marketing

#39 – Give articles to help affiliates promote your product. You should check with the terms of the PLR you purchased, but many will allow you to have your affiliates publish the content, as long as they don’t make any edits.

#40 – Create branded reports for your affiliates to publish. Along the same lines of affiliate articles, you can also put together reports with your affiliate’s links inside.

PLR for Traffic Generation

#41 – Attract traffic via search engines. Do some keyword research and optimize for your chosen phrase. HINT: You cannot buy “pre-optimized” PLR because trying to target the same keyword phrase everyone else is using doesn’t work. You have to do your own research.

PLR is a very versatile tool for your business and can be used in many ways. As you can see, you can actually use the same PLR over and over again for different purposes, so always use your purchases to the fullest.

BUT before jumping in on the PLR bandwagon, take note of this:

Always check the terms of service for your purchased PLR.

Rights granted in your PLR may vary from seller to seller. Be on the safe side. Read the terms of your PLR content to protect yourself from unwanted consequences.