Practice Gratitude with a Daily a Gratitude Journal

Why Practice Gratitude

Why not? Life is a blessing and every moment unnoticed and not celebrated is a waste.

If you imagine people never getting up from bed to see the light of day, you would realize just how lucky you are. Also, you don’t have to buy a bottle of canned oxygen to breathe fresh air, to scamper for food in a mountain of rubbish, nor to be subjected every day to the terrifying sound of bullets and real threat to life.

Life is great and there is just so much to be thankful for.

People who express gratitude, whether openly or in subtle or covert ways, radiate positivity and cheerfulness. They tend to be calm, peaceful, content, and joyful, knowing that blessings abound and are there for the taking.

God gave you 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “Thank You?” ~William A. Ward

So, why practice gratitude?

What do you think?

Get Yourself a Gratitude Journal

If saying “thanks” is an ordeal because you have so much to attend to, it’s a clear signal for you to stop what you’re doing.

Take a moment to breathe. It would unburden you of stress.

Be mindful of what’s happening in your surroundings and, more importantly, your life.

If you have a piece of paper or notebook, go on… write the things that you are grateful for, both big and small, important or not, Earth-shaking or trivial.

If you have a gratitude journal, all the better (though not necessary)! You could easily use the journaling prompts in it.

Keeping a gratitude journal is nothing complicated. It doesn’t have to be methodical or structured. Although it is more focused on practicing daily gratitude, it functions in the same way as most other journals.

How to Start a Journaling Practice

The bottom line with keeping a gratitude journal is having a tool to express thankfulness.

Simple Steps to Start a Gratitude Journal

If starting a gratitude journal is something strange, here’s a brief on how to do it:

Step #1 – Get a pen and paper to record what you are grateful for that day. You may use a plain notebook or paper tablet if you don’t have a commercial or store-bought, fancy gratitude journal. I carry my cell phone with me every minute and I use it to record stuff, including things I’m happy about and grateful for on a daily basis. If you’ve forgotten your journal and post-it notes are at arms reach, go ahead and use it.

Step #2 – Set a time each day to write on your gratitude journal. You may do it at a convenient time or when you feel the need to write down your gratitude thoughts. You may also do it before bed like many people. Doing so has proven beneficial to getting a good night sleep or getting sleep much faster.

Step #3 – Draw, illustrate or color if that’s how you want to express your gratitude. You may even write a poem or song.

Step #4 – A simple journaling prompt to follow is: What are you grateful for today? Think about events, people, challenges, learnings, or insights that have moved or enriched you.

Step #5 – For privacy considerations, keep your gratitude journal on a safe place after you’ve filled it up.

Isn’t that simple?

Go ahead then – pause, breathe, reflect and write!

A piece of paper and pen most certainly awaits your grateful heart.

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