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31-Day Gratitude Coloring Journal


This 31-Day Gratitude Coloring Journal takes you through a 31-day journey of living a life filled with gratitude. 

It is intended to bring about joy in your life by being mindful of things, people, experiences, and events in your life as well as living a life with gratitude. 

Each day you keep a record of the following:

  • Things you are grateful for 
  • People you want to thank 
  • Joyful moments you want to celebrate 
  • Lessons you are thankful to have learned 
  • Concrete steps to express your gratitude
  • Pleasant unexpected surprises that you experience.

You also get a coloring page with gratitude quotes. 

The act of coloring puts you in a calm, relaxed, and meditative state that allows you to think through answers to the journal prompts. The gratitude quotes have been provided as a way to deepen your thoughts and feelings on gratitude. 

This product comes in a PDF, which is digital in nature and may be printed as many times as needed.

Terms of Use

This digital product is for personal use only. 

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this product, a sale is considered final and no refunds, substitutions, or exchanges shall be given.