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Accelerator Journals (Set #1) - 120 Motivational Quotes


These are super simple journal pages with 120 motivational quotes. 

They are unlike most PLR journals or journal templates that you see promoted every day. 

In fact, except for the one- to two-liner quotes at the bottom, they are really just plain old lined pages, which are pretty much what you see in college notebooks. 


But don't be deceived by this product's simplicity. 

Journals or notebooks with these simple pages sell like hotcakes every single day. 

They make up the bulk of these low content books:

  • lines
  • dots
  • blank spaces. 

This product goes a step ahead by including evergreen motivational quotes



  • You have 120 pages with motivational quotes to play around with or mix and match to create an endless combination of journals. 
  • Motivational quotes are evergreen; use anytime in whatever theme, season, or audience. 
  • These were done and saved in PowerPoint (PPT), which is easy to modify. 
  • The pages are set in 330 PPI, which satisfy the print resolution requirement of publishing platforms such as Amazon and Lulu. 
  • Each PDF in this product had been tested in and passed Amazon's Launch Previewer with no issues at all. 
  • If you created and tested these pages yourself, you'd be spending hours and hours of valuable time that you would otherwise use to publish and/or sell your journals! 


Assuming that you create each page in 2 minutes, you would have spent 240 minutes or 4 hours to finish all 120 pages. 

However, that is not the case here as this product:

  • provides 4 variations in page designs
  • includes 3 file formats
  • got tested and approved in Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to verify that the PDFs upload seamlessly. 

Buying this from someone who has done all the work for you takes only a few minutes. 

That's huge savings in time and money! 

By leveraging other people's (my) time and knowledge, you set yourself up to build a viable source of passive income for your future in a short span of time. 

That means more opportunities to recover every penny you invest in this product - many times over. 

To get your own books up and selling in Amazon, Lulu, your shop, or other marketplaces, all you have to do after you buy are: 

  • find a profitable niche
  • create or outsource your book covers (for as many books as you want)
  • key in the information that your publishing platform asks
  • upload your cover and interiors


You're done.

That's what you call real value for money. 


  • Lined - 120 pages with motivational quotes (8.5"X11")
    • Lined - 120 pages with motivational quotes (8"X10") 
    • Lined - 120 pages with motivational quotes (6"X9")
    • Lined - 120 pages with motivational quotes with blank space at the top (8.5"X11")
    • Lined - 120 pages with motivational quotes with blank space at the top (8"X10")
    • Framed (Solid) - 120 lined pages with motivational quotes (8.5"X11") 
    • Framed (Solid) - 120 lined pages with motivational quotes (8"X10")
    • Framed (Solid) - 120 lined pages with motivational quotes (6"X9") 
    • Framed (Dash) - 120 lined pages with motivational quotes (8.5"X11")
    • Framed (Dash) - 120 lined pages with motivational quotes (8"X10")
    • Framed (Dash) - 120 lined pages with motivational quotes (6"X9")

    You get these in:

    • 3 file formats: PPT, PDF and JPG
    • high print-resolution of 330 DPI. 

    On top of that, you get private label rights (PLR). 

    PLR Terms of Use

    [YES] Modify, package and rebrand this product in part or whole;
    [YES] Do as you please as long as you label or brand it;
    [YES] Sell your branded product as your own at Etsy and/or other marketplaces; 
    [NO] Pass on PLR, resell rights or master resell rights for this product;
    [NO] Share this product to anyone or anywhere online;
    [NO] Claim copyright ownership of the original work.

    Refund Policy

    Due to the nature of this product, a sale is considered final and no refunds, substitutions, or exchanges shall be given. 

    Buy NOW and publish as many low content books as you want!